About the Competition

The NSW Negotiations Competition is an international diplomacy and negotiation competition that immerses students in the role of state negotiators finding practical and pragmatic solutions to important geopolitical international disputes. Delegates will dive deeply into the complex details of high-stakes crises’ and will broker mutually agreeable solutions through diplomatic negotiations that satisfy the interests of the government they represent. The Negotiations Competition enables delegates to develop their creativity, problem solving, communication, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

The NSW Negotiations Competition is a team competition; students from Years 10-12 compete in teams of two students from the same school. The competition takes the form of two sessions; session one and session two. Each team will participate in 1 x session one round and 1 x session two round. There will be a different structured negotiation in each session that each team competes in.

Teams will represent a particular country in each negotiation and will need to act towards the achievement of that country’s strategic interests and objectives by proposing and debating solutions to the crisis at hand in order to find mutually beneficial resolutions to disagreements based in real-world situations. Teams, with limited knowledge of the positions of each other, are issued instructions from their respective governments that detail the outcome they should seek to achieve, and those that should be avoided at all costs!

The most effective diplomats and negotiators will be invited to compete at the State Semi-Final and again, from there, the most successful teams will be invited to compete at the State Grand-Final.

Please note that the NSW Negotiations Competition will be taking place entirely online, using Zoom, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Instructions will be provided to delegates once they have registered as to how the competition will work online. Students will need to have access to a computer with a working microphone and webcam for the duration of their preliminary round sessions. Please note that the Zoom calls for the 2020 Negotiations Competition will NOT be recorded, and students will be able to verify this during the rounds because they will not see ‘Recording’ written in red in the top left hand side of the Zoom call.

More Details on the Competition

Make sure to read the Negotiations Competition Handbook for more information about the competition, its structure, the judging criteria and answers to other FAQs.

Event Details

When: The preliminary rounds and sessions will take place between Tuesday 21 July and Sunday 2 August

Where: Online: Using Zoom from the comfort of your own home!

Who: New South Wales Students in Years 10 through 12

Cost: $40 ($20 per each individual) (equity scholarships are available)

NOTE: Registrations for the NSW Negotiations Competition are on a first-come first-served basis because capacity is limited. There is also a cap (a maximum) of five teams per school. Make sure to get in quick so that you don’t miss out!

Important Contact Details

If you have any questions, please contact the 2020 Negotiations Convenor, Julia Tran, at julia.tran@zslzm.cn.

Registrations are now closed for Negotiations 2020!

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